Without an accurate count of who is onsite, you can never know who is missing during an emergency. AutoCrew POB offers 100% certainty to save time, lives, and costly human errors.


Our Personnel on Board (POB) software has been developed over years of industry research and customer feedback. The AutoCrew POB system manages boarding requirements, key personnel data, flight logistics and bunk management, and the automatic tracking of personnel during muster and safety drills.  It is the backbone of the entire AutoCrew system and offers 100% certainty when it counts most.

All activity on the system provides an electronic trail and single click management reports. AutoCrew provides automatic alarms and alerts for time sensitive data monitoring, such as passport and certificate expiry. The result is many hundreds of hours saved by eliminating manual tasks, duplication, and error.

For those operating a T-Card/Paper or Excel-based system, the transition to AutoCrew’s Automated POB Management is seamless and comprehensive. AutoCrew POB connects to your existing security or personnel management system with no double entry or loss of data. Information transfers from existing data sources (Excel, CSV, XML, SQL, Serial Port, and Web Service) are completed in a simple, two-step process. MRT aims to provide the right solution to meet each customer’s unique needs. The system features are fully customizable and include the following:

  • Flight Logistics
  • Hotel/Bunk Management
  • Assignment of Muster station, lifeboat, bed, and unique RFID card for use during a drill or real life emergency event
  • Data storage to include such as DOB, Passport, Emergency Contact, Duty, Title, Certification, etc.
  • Multi-lingual interface (up to 5 languages per system)
  • Various views, including traditional T-Card and List view for ease of reference
  • Third-party integration


Enterprise Level

Enterprise functionality refers to the ability to access a system site remotely. Due to the nature of internet connections offshore, it is impractical and not very useful to access the system directly from the vessels on board server.

Enterprise access works by linking the vessels onboard POB databases with an internet based online web server. This allows a head office or other key individuals to access the data from one or more vessels accordingly. 

Emergency management or head office is able to draw reports for personnel on site, time & attendance, certificate tracking, muster and time management analysis, efficiency reports for all sites showing comparative results. There is no limit to the report capabilities.