AutoCrew Permit to Work 


AutoCrew Permit to Work provides an electronic and streamlined response to the traditional permit authorization process, eliminating hours of downtime and cutting down on operational costs.


PTW Features

•   Customization - Custom-input permit information based on company or industry requirements and HSE rules. The permit will provide all relevant information to all authorized users involved in work.

•   Risk Management - Identify conflicts between incompatible permits, locations, times, and inter-dependent activities to manage risk and hazards on site.

•   Data Storage and Retrieval - Maintain a secure database of permit history and safety or hazard assessments.

•   Conflict Management - Automatically notifies all personnel of conflicting work permits when a permit is raised. 

•    Automation - From one-click reporting to the automated generation of standardized and common permits, time is critical and saved with AutoCrew PTW.

•    Multi-lingual Interface - As with all AutoCrew features, PTW is available in up to 5 languages to facilitate global teams.

•    Permit Calendar View - View all scheduled work on one screen in Calendar View, by hourly, daily or weekly events.