AutoCrew Muster Management encompasses real time accounting of personnel with web-based viewing on any mobile device, automatic report generation, and flexible non-proprietary hardware.

Mitigate human error, save time, and save lives.


Manual “paper-based” muster techniques are not only inaccurate and time consuming, but can result in tragic errors based on a lack of information. AutoCrew automates the process of emergency drills and provides an accurate account of who has checked in to their station, who is exempt (or on duty), and who is missing. Our customers have consistently achieved muster results in less than ten minutes.

AutoCrew eliminates the risk of human error and provides accurate information to the Captain and Emergency teams when it counts.

ACMS Muster Management is user-friendly, efficient, and uniquely web-based. The progress bar quickly highlights the status of a drill. This can be checked from a smart phone or tablet by a muster officer, allowing for flexibility of movement throughout the drill. The web-based system means real-time information is directly available to the emergency teams across all platforms – even onshore management via mobile device. 

The entire system is also fully redundant which means information and functionality is not lost during an emergency when you need it most. ACMS will facilitate your efficiency and increase valuable operational time.

Our system provides you with immediate and customizable reports, accessible by both offshore and onshore management teams. In the case of a real emergency, mandatory reporting for emergency and government authorities is one click away.