Designed for Efficiency
Dependable in Disaster

Marine Rescue Technologies

About Autocrew

Designed for efficiency, the AutoCrew Management System (ACMS) is web based, holistic in approach, and requires no proprietary hardware. Our open architecture design provides true interoperability. MRT proudly offers dependable and convenient solutions to travel logistics, gangway management, certificate tracking, and automatic reporting. With convenience in mind, we created a specification that offers end users a clear alternative and superior solution to existing POB and muster systems.

AutoCrew Management System

POB Management

Automated Muster

Travel Logistics

Area Control

Access Control


Certificate Tracking


Onshore and Offshore Solutions

All applications are infinitely scalable; from the in-house management of a single site to the monitoring of a fleet of vessels from a head
office at enterprise level.

Why Web-Based Technology?


Fully Automated Real Time

ACMS is uniquely web-based. Reports can be checked from a smart phone or tablet by approved officers, allowing for flexibility of movement during an emergency drill. The web-based system means real time information is directly available to the management and emergency teams across all platforms. Remote support and updates are possible, reducing cost and saving time.

Preventative Maintenance
and Technical Support


Remote Technical Support

Our largest nuclear plant accounts for 4000 personnel. We developed Watchdog to satisfy the customer's requirement for reliability and preventative support. Now standard on all installs at no additional cost, Watchdog monitors all devices, system communications and algorithms to calculate system operation and timing. In the rare event that a component isn't working optimally, the ACMS provides an automatic service alert, notifying the end user and the MRT support team.