With convenience for the user in mind, we developed our certificate tracking to streamline every facet of the traditional hardcopy filing system of the past.

A fully automated and electronic certificate tracking module is perhaps our most differentiating benefit of the AutoCrew system. This core value is offered as a standalone program or as a feature of a more comprehensive network of options.


· Training Matrix - Ability to custom-input training information based on industry-specific regulations and requirements. Backbone to the system

· Enterprise Level Tracking - Filter and track certificates by Company, location, region, position, and much more.

· Certificate Database - Digital copies of certificates can be uploaded, deleted, or emailed under each personnel file, providing easy input and updating of documentation for new and existing personnel.

·  Preventative Flagging - Time-sensitive certificate expiration monitoring with automated renewal notices. Alerts are by printed report or email or SMS.

·  Promotion Forecasting - Automatically evaluate potential candidates based on certification/applicable training for promotion within the company.

·  Emergency Team Generation - Support team automatically populated and alerted when an emergency arises. Optimized by current availability and qualifications (i.e. medical background, first-responder certification)

·  Exemptions - This feature allows a person’s future position to be held despite lacking in required certificates. Training exemptions are filed for the appropriate personnel and excluded from renewal notices and standard reports of compliance. The system automatically generates a required for regulatory commission.

·  Unlimited Reports


As with all features of the AutoCrew System, certificate tracking is infinitely scalable to your specific needs; from the in-house management of a single vessel to the monitoring of a fleet of vessels/locations from a head office.  By local network install or cloud based updates, AutoCrew will have you covered.

With Certificate Tracking module, saving time with automation is our bottom line.