AutoCrew Onshore

We supply to onshore energy, government and industrial facilities. Our largest onshore facility was self-installed and currently accounts for 4000 personnel across multiple sites.

AutoCrew Onshore provides personnel accountability in real-time, custom to your needs, and with web-based or cloud-based capabilities. Based on strong foundations in the offshore industry, our solutions are applied to your onshore application with precision and attention to industry and organizational standards. 

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AutoCrew Onshore Solutions

Personnel Accountability & Reporting

Personnel Accountability software manages key personnel data, and provides the backbone of automatic tracking of personnel during muster and safety drills. 

AutoCrew’s reporting mechanism is automatic and comprehensive. With one click, your onsite and offsite teams can access formatted data in real-time across multiple locations and sites. All data is securely stored in the system, providing historical records of muster drills and personnel on site.

Automated Muster & Emergency Drill Management

AutoCrew Emergency Management encompasses real time accounting of personnel with web-based viewing on any mobile device, automatic report generation, and flexible non-proprietary hardware.

The software is user-friendly, reliable, fully redundant. 

Certificate Tracking

Certificate Tracking streamlines every facet of the traditional hard-copy filing system. AutoCrew Onshore's fully automated and electronic module will save your site or organization time and money. Bottom line.

Permit to Work

Permit to Work provides an electronic and streamlined response to the traditional permit authorization process, eliminating hours of downtime and cutting down on operational costs. I

Do you require a cloud-based solution?

Our mobile technology integrates the AutoCrew automated muster drill solution with bi-directional messaging to create a unique and innovative Emergency Mass Notification system.

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